The BV-185 is a commercial grade grow light that is perfect for indoor gardening operations. With a powerful 185W output, this light is ideal for the vegetation stage of plant growth, providing the necessary spectrum for strong and healthy growth. The BV-185 is designed with energy efficiency in mind, allowing you to save on your electricity bill while providing the best environment for your plants. The built-in cooling system keeps the temperature at a safe level to prevent heat damage, and ensures a long lifespan for the fixture. The BV-185 is easy to install and is the perfect choice for commercial grow operations, greenhouses, and hydroponic systems. With its high output, energy efficiency and cooling system, the BV-185 is a reliable and durable grow light that will help you achieve the best possible results in the vegetation stage of your plants.

Wattage: 185W
Stage(s): Vegetation

DLC Rated


UL Listed

Made in America

Damp Location

About the BV-185

Industry Leading Performance Data

Light Source








Input Power

200W MAX (180 TYP)

Input Voltage / Current

120 @ 1.42A | 240@ 0.71A | 277 @ 0.62A

L/W/H | Weight

40.5" / 13" / 3" | 9lbs

Mounting Height

>12 Inches

Operating Temperature

-40℃ TO 40℃

Thermal Management

Passive Convection

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