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We kindly ask for your patience as we take 5-7 business days to review your Rep Sign On Inquiry. Please note that filling out this form does not guarantee you will become a representative of Bloominescent LED Products. Approval of all Rep submissions is subject to review by a designated staff member of Bloominescent LED. Thank you for your understanding.

We at Bloominescent LED are excited to allow the opportunity to represent our cutting-edge horticultural lighting product line. Our products have been specifically designed for horticulture and have been proven to increase yields and improve plant quality. As a sales representative for Bloominescent LED, you will have the opportunity to introduce our innovative LED technology to a wide range of clients, from small floriculture growers to large cannabis commercial operations. Our products are highly sought after and in demand, making this a lucrative opportunity for you.Our Bloominescent LED advantage for all reps are:

  • All sales leads in your market territory will be turned over to you.
  • Commissions shall be 5% on Standard Distributor Net Pricing
  • Overage will be 90% to Sales Rep and 10% to Bloominescent LED LLC.

We are committed to providing our sales representatives with the training, support, and resources they need to succeed. Our team will work closely with you to help you understand our products and how they can benefit your customers. We believe that our partnership will be mutually beneficial, and we are confident that our products will perform exceptionally well in the market.

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